Ren and stimpy1

Ren and Stimpy had air on Nickelodeon, Mtv, Spike Tv and Nicktoons Network. The show was created by Jonh Kricfalusi of Spumco. The show is about a Chihuaha and Cat duo who are about to have bizzar adventures.

The show later had an adult party cartoon in 2003 that aired on Spike Tv. Eric Bauza voices Stimpy in that series, a lot of people didn't like the APC as much as the oriniginal.


  • Stimpson J. Cat (Billy West)


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  • Ren and Stimpy had be referenced three times in The Simpions.
  • Ren Stimpy was parodied in the anime Panty and Stocking.
  • Stimpy was removed in the arcade version of Nicktoons Racing.