Here are some shows that could use editing for Nick Plus for the family viewing audiance. Here are some mentioned secen that could use a fix.

Abenobashi Shopping ArcadeEdit

  • In episode 3 Shashi was whizzing in the area of the Sci-Fi Shopping Arcade, and the urine litterly showed
  • In the same episode, there also a secen where Arumi's dress was bressy and no panti's wear shown.
  • In the Hollywood Shopping Arcade episode, Shashi was riding in a car in the form of inaproprate body parts (mostly female).


  • In one skit a man was putting a mirror in front of a girl's panties for another man to see. They got more than they asked for.

Code MonkeysEdit

  • Many of the dialog is full of foul lanuage.
  • One episode (E.T.) showed Dave nude and has is privates green, In the same episode he also went to a stip club.
  • The episode name, Dave Gets Boobs.
  • The episode The Story of 420 involes a seach for weed

Pani Poni DashEdit

  • In episode 3, there was a girl spying on Rebecca "Becky" Miyamoto with big hips. and the was also a chicken-like creature with teeth who has cencored eyes.
  • Episode 4 has not only Fan Disservice (mainly in the case seeing girls in pajamas), but some censortship as well.


  • Some of the tranformation looks inapropreate for young viewers.