Roll is one of many supporting protagonist in the Mega Man series. Her apperance, blonde witha green ribbion and wears a red dress and red shoes. She has another apperance with an updated dress and red boots. She a robot.

Mega Man: Upon a StarEdit

Roll has appereed in episode 2 and 3 of the short lived anime series. She had been in a mechine created by Dr. Wily in the second episode. In episode 3, she tries on a kimono.

Mega Man: NT WarriorEdit

Roll returns in this series (a version of her called Roll.EXE). Only she had some kind of mech-suit instead of her red dress and had a more older

Roll in NT Warrior.

apperance than the oringinal 10-year old-like apperance. The back of her head has something resembling her pony-tail (green ribbion and all).

Other apperanceEdit

  • The Mega Man game series.
  • Mega Man: The animated series. (design as a teenager)
  • Mega Man: Powered Up
  • Vs. Capcom series. (Updated version is in one of the games)
  • Mega Man comic book series, by Archie Comics.



  • Roll's red dress bares alot of resemblance to Amy Rose's from Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • Her dress color pattern were once compared to Doug's hat pattern from Regular Show.
  • For some reason, She was made into a teenager in the animated series.
  • The Archie Comics design of her had made her of she oringinally is (excluding the cover of issue 1).

    Roll in the comic series.

  • She has alot of altinate costume changes in the PSP game Mega Man: Powered Up.
  • The characters Ciel from Mega Man Zero and Yai Ayanokoji from NT Warrior seems to bare resemblance to Roll.