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The biggest showbiz boy, hu?

Ricky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy is about a child star who has misadventures off the movie set. Who goes to a school with some what supported friends and has a family with a fisical similarity to his head.

This is another Canadaian aquirment from Teletoons and Studio B, the same company who also behind one of Nicktoons biggest failures "Yakkity Yak" (wich will explain certain voice-actors on the show).


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  • Despite having a case of "not being popular enough", The sucessfully has a DVD realease.


  • Andrea Libman, Ian James Corlett, Scott McNeil and Tabitha St. Germain wear voice actors from "Yakkity Yak" who ended up doing voices for the show.
  • The fact that it was from a company that brought "Yakkity Yak" (minus KaPow Pictures) can be a similarity of Oggy and The Cockroaches being from the same company that brought us Space Goofs.
  • The show was pulled off of Nicktoons Network's schedule in 2010.
  • Voices were recorded in Vancover and Toronato.