Rayman, Betina and Cookie.

Rayman: The Animated Series is base upon the Ubi Soft game character, Rayman. A cruel circus master keeps Rayman and his friends hostage. Yet Rayman and his friends excape and try to advoid the slick yet cunning, Inspector "Archie" Grub.

Due to being a short-lived series, this can air when a Nick Plus Movie ends a little early before Pani Poni Dash or a special ocasion.


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  • VHS and DVD


  • This show share traits to Mega Man: Upon a Star, another short-lived series base on a video-game.
  • There was a cancelled episode call "My Fair Lac-Mac".
  • Ed's cameo was in "No Parking", Grub crashes into Jack-in-a-boxes of himself, Ed is the protagonist in the video-game "Tonic Trouble".
  • Razorbeard speaks like a human in this show.
  • Betina had various changes of voice-actesses.