Rayman with Teensies

Rayman is the main protagonist in the Rayman game series as well as Rayman: The Animated Series. Most of his apperance contains a floating head, floating hands and floating feet as well as a floating body. he is the iconic figure of Ubi Soft.

Rayman: the animated seriesEdit

Rayman helps his friends Betina, Cookie, Flips and Lac-Mac excape the clutches of Inspector "Archie" Grub.


  • Betina
  • Cookie
  • Flips
  • Lac-Mac
  • Globox
  • The Teensies (as seen in the picture here).
  • Ly
  • Murfy


  • Inspector Grub
  • Henchman 800 and Various Robo-Pirates
    Rayman and co

    Rayman with his friends from the animated series.

  • The Hoodlums
  • Andre
  • Count Razzoff
  • The Kanaren and The Kanaren King
  • Reflex
  • The Rabbids


  • Steve Perkins (First Game)
  • David Gasman (Most of the games)


  • Rayman has a cameo in Ed's game Tonic Trouble.
  • Rayman will have a new game comming out in 2011 called "Rayman Origins"
    New rayman

    Rayman as he would in Rayman Origins

  • Rayman also appered in The Raving Rabbids series.