Pootan epi

Friend: What do you think pootan?

Yamaguchi fails to see the humor in Pootan's tv show. So he much watch the show until he find's out what makes it popular.



  • Getting Crap Past The Radar: Pootan's Friend's response to Pootan's jerky-ness in the first two chats in the episode.
  • Yamaguchi's reponse to Pootan (tv show) is what Tommypezmaster thinks how online users (especaily Tv.Com members) should act about Tak and The Power of Juju (tv show).
  • Kamiyama is a fan of Pootan.
  • Reply to Yamaguchi: Tommypezmaster also wants online users to feel the same way about Sidekick and Scaredy Squirrel.