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What should be the network to take over Nicktoons Network in the US called Nick Plus.

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The topic is the idea of the New Nicktoons Network entitled Nick Plus (a similar network to The Hub (wich was oringinally Discovery Kids)). Wich will contain List of show for Nick Plus. and a better Schedule.

Nick Plus shall be contain with the good Nick shows, True classics, and anime series (including possible dubbing for Viacom).

Anime Series also have Original Japanese Audio in this network.Β 

Oh there are some shows not in schedule, 2 of theme are short-living. But they can be used as specials. As for the other ones, they can be more for a diffent version of the schedule.


  • No Lies liked originally wanted, If lies actually included like originally wanted, then Nickelodeon and others will get upset and they'ill possibly delete this one for good.
  • Pages of a show's episodes, voice-actors, crew members, procution corps, rights, characters and minor characters are welcome.
  • There can be english dub suggestions and redub suggestions pages.
  • please No rude comments like originally wanted, If rude comments actually included like originally wanted then this wiki is suspended forever.

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