The animated Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series is based on Rowan Aktinson's known character and live-action comedy, Mr. Bean. This show contains various Bean plots (but animated). Not to mention Bean's car (Mini Cooper) is also put to animated form.


Other CharactersEdit


  • A real Teddy plush (based on the show's design) was made.
  • There's a 4 Pez Dispenser set of the series (includes Mr. Bean, Irrma Gobb, Teddy (sitting on a Suitcase), and the mini cooper).
    Bean DVD

    A DVD with Bean, Miss Wicket, The Criminals, and Mini Cooper on the cover.

  • Promotional toys of the animated series had made for a KFC Malaysia exculsive.
  • There a mini cooper toy that comes with a Bean figure base of the show's design.
  • The animated Mr. Bean was made into a plush.
  • The series has video games for PC PS2, Wii and DS.
  • The Show also has DVDs.