Garfield and Friends was base upon Jim Davis's iconic overweight feline. Garfield continues to have adventures around him. Each episode (excluding the TV specials) has a bonus Orson's Farm segment after the first Garfield segment.

The show oringinally air on CBS. It later had a network hop to Nickelodeon then Toon Disney than Boomerang.

Garfield CharactersEdit

Orson's Farm CharactersEdit

TV SpecialsEdit

Note: Some specials were made before the series.


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  • The series (along with the specials) are in DVDs


  • Garfield reperented the show and the specials in "Cartoon All-Stars To The Recue" (despite he only had cameos).
  • In Cartoon Network's Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, Yumi's Shirt is very similar to Wade's intertube.
  • IMDB listed most of the references to classic Garfield to this series in the movie connections.
  • Garfield has some Orson's Farm cameos while, Orson and his friends had cameos in the Garfield segments