Catscratch is animated series created by Doug Tenapel, who also brought Earthworm Jim and Project GeeKeR. The show is about the misadventures of 3 cats who inharited a fortune after there owner past away.

The 3 cats are based and inspired on 3 main characters from TenNapel's comic book/Graphic Novel Gear. The show was removed from Nicktoons Network's schedule alongside Mr. Meaty, The X's and Ricky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy.


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  • In 2007, McDonalds promoted Catscratch in their Happy Meals with Toys of the main trio.
  • Catscratch was also featured in Tiger's VideoNow line with a PVD (Personal Video Disc) with Mr. Pickles & Tail of the Tail.
  • The show had appeared in the Nick Picks DVD series (note: it's a series where they put shows from different Nicktoons and put them into numbered DVD's).


  • Gear was possibly named after the main protagonist in the Doug Tenapel comic book Gear.